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It has been 10 years since I updated my own kitchen, so I thought I better practice what I preach! There are so many fantastic user friendly custom additions that are available on the market now, that were not around 10 years ago, so I had my work cut out for me when I was narrowing down the choices I had to make. First, I demolished the existing cabinets and replaced them with all newly designed cabinets and countertops. Then I installed all of the goodies! Do you have a kitchen cabinet that is so deep that you shove items in the back, forget you have them because you can’t see them and then purchase the item several times? I know a lot of people who do some spring cleaning and wind up having 3 bottles of ketchup and 4 bags of rice because they couldn’t see the previous ones they had purchased! Or, you go to grab a bottle of spices that is behind 4 other bottles and then 10 bottles fall onto the counter…ever had that happen? Check out my video where I show you how to remedy all of those situations! I installed a custom spice rack with bars in the front so that you never have a bottle fall on you again! As for the extra boxes of cereal you keep shoving to the back of the cabinet, never fear, Pullout Shelves are here! I installed ingenious large pull out shelves that run the length of the cabinet and allow you to completely pull out the shelf to see every item you have In your cabinet! Those come in all sizes, so we can even add them to narrow side spaces that might be useless to you at the moment. In my own kitchen I also added a mobile island that conveniently slips under the cabinets and slides out to add extra counter space and still has as many drawers as you normally would. How about those dead corners…do you have a dead corner cabinet that is so deep and dark that you throw all of your tupperware and miscellaneous items in and then when you need to find that 1 small lid to a container, you have to reach far in the back and grab a flashlight and pull everything out before you find it in the way back? We have a unique solution for that which I installed in my own kitchen. Watch the video to see you it easily swivels out of the corner. I also installed a Lazy Susan in one of my other cabinet corners which allows me to use up every inch of space and easily access all of my pots and pans. I also installed Soft-close Doors which close gently on their own so as not to damage the beautiful finish. If creativity, beauty, customization and accessibility is what you are looking for in your kitchen or bathroom remodel, Best Kitchen Design is the only place to call!

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